Not just beautiful, homes that take care of you.

At PAM-POL, we design homes that embrace and protect. Our healthy homes combine beauty, wellness and energy savings; providing spaces that care for you and revitalize you. Connect with nature and discover how PAM-POL transforms your life, creating homes that are not just beautiful, they are homes that promote your well-being and health.


insomnia, stress, allergy, asthma …

Transform your life with a healthy home!

Imagine breathing fresh, pure air, while the sunlight fills every corner with positive energy. Forget about allergies and respiratory diseases, and let yourself be enveloped by the wellness you deserve.

Act now! Build a home full of life and happiness, your health will thank you!

Have you ever considered how a home can affect your affect your health?

Anyway, What is a healthy home?

A healthy home is a space designed and built with the health, well-being and comfort of its inhabitants in mind. This type of housing promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, while reducing the carbon footprint and negative impacts on the environment. Some key features of a healthy home include:


Eco-friendly design and construction

Uses sustainable materials and techniques to reduce environmental impact and improve energy efficiency.


Indoor air quality

Minimizes the presence of pollutants and allergens in the air, ensuring good ventilation and air filtration, as well as the use of materials and products with low impact on health.


Natural lighting

Maximizes the entry of natural light into the house, favoring energy savings and improving the mood of the inhabitants.


Green spaces

It incorporates both indoor and outdoor green areas, such as gardens, terraces or patios, which promote a connection with nature and improve air quality.


Humidity and temperature control

Maintains a comfortable and healthy indoor environment through efficient heating, cooling and ventilation systems.


Ergonomic and accessible design

It facilitates the comfort and safety of the inhabitants, adapting to their needs and physical conditions.


Creativity and personal growth

They inspire creativity and personal growth, in harmonious environments that encourage reflection, introspection and the development of new ideas and dreams.


Noise reduction

Apply acoustic insulation solutions to reduce noise pollution and create a quiet and relaxing environment.

A healthy home contributes to the physical and emotional well-being of its inhabitants, while promoting a sustainable and environmentally responsible environment.

My target is to make your dream come true

Here are some examples of people like you who have already made it.

Santa Ana Home
ALBAL / Valencia

Super professional, they help you in everything from minute 1, they solve anything you need. Super recommended and especially to people who are starting from scratch like me without any notions. With them you are super guided at all times, they told me every step to follow, where to go, they helped me with everything. Thank you very much for everything Laura and team.

Sheila Giner

Musician’s House
PLÁ DE PAVIA / Valencia

I would recommend Laura because she is a person who is attentive to your needs and knows how to tell you what the possibilities are or if not, then she is a professional "like the top of a pine tree".

despacho arquitectura valencia
Javier Ramone

Costera Village
PUÇOL / Valencia

Professionals, excellent treatment and elegant designs, an architecture for the people!

Ernesto Balaguer

We are WELL AP

This means that we are able to apply to your home the criteria that will make it a healthy home through a scientific method . WELL certification is a scoring system for homes that allows to identify, measure and monitor.

According to WHO, health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease. We spend more than 90% of our time in doors, so the spaces in which we live greatly impact our health and well-being.