"Design villa: the information and ideas you need before buying or building"


If you have thought about buying a design villa or do it, maybe this article will help you decide better.

What you need to know before building a design villa

The process of building a design villa is often quite misunderstood.

A high percentage of prospective homebuyers start out thinking they want to build a design villa, but end up buying a design villa for sale already built or working on modifying a house that is in the process of being built.

This happens because they make mistakes in the steps of the process.

They think they will be able to find and buy the perfect piece of land, then hire an architect to design their dream villa, and then take the architect’s plans to a builder.

The reality is that the order is usually different. And it is the one that makes the process much simpler.

If we put ourselves in the hands of an architect, he can help us locate the land that best suits us. It can also help us find the construction company we need.
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With this in mind, there are a number of issues that will help you in the process until you have your design villa:

  • It begins with the question: Why? Why are you building the design villa of your dreams? This question will guide you through the entire process.
  • Prepare a summary of what you want and need. It will help you stay on track with your project and inform the design team of exactly what you expect.
  • Detail as much as possible about the rooms and layout, taking into account your family’s lifestyle.
  • What architectural style do you want? Traditional or contemporary?
  • Is energy efficiency a priority for you?
  • Set a realistic budget because it will determine the entire design of the villa.
  • Consider a realistic schedule for construction.
  • Provide the architect with as much additional information as you can.

With these recommendations you will be on the right track so that the process of building your design villa goes smoothly.

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Ideas for a modern design villa

Modern villas offer clean lines, simple proportions, open layouts and abundant natural light.

Flat or shallow ceilings, large expanses of glass, strong connections to the outside space and undecorated wall reserves are features we usually see in them.

It does not matter whether it is a single-family design villa or a design townhouse. The above elements are usually seen in both cases.

Modern design villas are quite basic, uncomplicated, innovative and elegant. They deploy materials such as concrete, metal and glass. The beauty lies in its modesty.

Adding heat retention and other eco-friendly measures to modern villas is another great way to increase the value of the property in the future, but also to contribute to the care of our environment.

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Today’s villa design ideas are all about avoiding unnecessary corridors, pathways and boundaries, making the most of the space.

Colors also play an important role: neutral colors are the preferred colors today, but there is no problem in having bold and dynamic colors, as long as they do not overshadow the design.

Modern (contemporary) architecture sees houses as fulfilling a purpose.

Villa design ideas take into account private corners, sufficient lighting, the size of the space according to the number of inhabitants, the exterior appearance, the climate of the location, the nature of the inhabitants, the types of houses, terraces, gardens, front and back yards, play areas and detailed interiors that are customized and modified accordingly.

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What a Mediterranean design villa looks like

The Mediterranean-designed villas feature red-tiled roofs, stucco exteriors and ornate arches. But they do not necessarily have to stick to that aesthetic, since this type of architecture has multiple influences.

Despite the differences in influences and styles, all Mediterranean style villas are meant to be a relaxing retreat that connects the owner with nature.

They have large windows and doors leading to patios, terraces or balconies. They stand out for their luminosity and freshness.

Mediterranean villas are designed to blend in with their natural surroundings and make owners feel comfortable.

Some features commonly seen in Mediterranean style villas include:
  • Large, symmetrical facades
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Most Mediterranean design villas are one or two story and have large, symmetrical exteriors. The front door is generally centered on the house and flanked by tall windows.

Mediterranean architecture emphasizes bringing the outdoors into the home, so you’ll find numerous tall doors and windows that access the home’s outdoor living space.

  • Stucco walls

Stucco exterior and interior walls are commonly seen in areas with hot, dry climates. During warm days, these thick walls can better retain the cool indoor air.

At night, when temperatures drop, they slowly release the heat accumulated during the day in the home.

  • Balconies, railings and wrought iron decorations

You will often find wrought iron elements outdoors and will be used as a decorative element in gardens, patios and terraces. Wrought iron adds additional warmth and decoration.

  • An outdoor living space

As we have mentioned, the Mediterranean villas blend in with their natural surroundings. Most homes have an outdoor living space, such as a patio, deck, balcony or atrium, and have many outdoor access points throughout the house.

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Your design villa in Valencia

If you are tired of looking for design villas that don’t fit your aspirations and needs, don’t worry.

The good news is that you can build your own design villa in Valencia. To your taste and that fits perfectly with your lifestyle.

At PAM POL we will make sure you enjoy the process and get a better result than you expected.

You can contact us without obligation right here and we will make the design villa you have always wanted a reality.

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