Who am I and what can I do for you?

I’m Laura, founder of Pam-Pol, and I want to tell you about our architecture studio and what we can offer you.

PAM-POL experts in homes, promoting wellness and health

Since I was a child, I found in drawing and creativity my refuge, and in architecture my true vocation. With every stroke and every idea, I dreamed of changing the world, building homes that were not only aesthetically beautiful, but also filled with life and well-being to those who inhabited them.

I grew up in a small town full of charm, where every alley and every house told a story. My home, a traditional village house, taught me to love architecture and to understand its secrets. But it also showed me its weaknesses, such as dampness, mildew and darkness, which affected our health and joy.

After years of training and practice in architecture, I traveled the world looking for inspiration in India, London and Valencia. But in each project, I felt that something was missing, an essential piece that I couldn’t find in conventional architecture, focused on aesthetics and not on people.

Then, one day, my life changed. My health was affected by the conditions in my own home and I knew it was time to take action. I decided to dedicate myself to creating healthy homes, those that protect and nurture their inhabitants, giving them a full and happy life.

And so my mission was born : to help people like you to design and build the house of your dreams, a home in which every corner is designed for your well-being and that of your family. A home where health, comfort and beauty coexist in perfect harmony.

Don’t wait any longer to change your life and take care of yourself from the heart of your home!

Contact me for a no-obligation session and together we will discover how I can help you transform your home into an oasis of health and happiness. Let my experience and passion for healthy architecture guide you in this wonderful adventure.

This is how I can help you:

6 - 12 MONTHS

Phase 04


An architect from my team will make sure that everything is as we thought it would be.


Phase 03


I deliver your plans to the City Hall and resolve all possible objections.


Phase 02


I detail the plans and regulations of your entire house and bid with the builders.


Phase 01


I study how much the project can cost and I make you the plans with 3D of your house.

My team!

These people are the ones who will be in charge of making your home project a reality, each one is a crack in their field! We all work remotely, so we are happy and relaxed people with the only goal of making your project perfect for you.


Laura Sanchis


Laura is always available to suggest the solutions that best suit you and your personality, and to attend to your needs.


Miguel Martin

Technical Architect

Miguel precisely controls that everything goes smoothly on site, avoids unforeseen events and organizes non-stop. So that you can rest.


Ana Rodrígez


Ana draws the plans, she makes everything fit perfectly in your project. You will see that in the end you will become close friends!


Borja Serer


Borja is in charge of the installations, so that your project has the highest quality in terms of wellness and energy efficiency.

… this is like in PAM-POL we do the projects:


We will take care of you at all times, we will take care of all the paperwork and formalities until you have the keys to your new home. You just relax and enjoy the process!

Wellness and health

Biophilia, neuroarchitecture, relax, wellness, ... if all this resonates you are in the right place, in PAM-POL we have combined all these concepts and integrate them in all our projects.


We all want to live in a solid house, built to last, but we also want to save time and money in its construction. That is why in PAM-POL we are going to propose the use of mixed systems in which you can get the best of prefabrication and the best of the constructions of all life.

First one and then two

We know that it is difficult to make a decision and embark on the construction of a new home, that is why our service is designed in phases. You can, for example, contract only PHASE 01 and thus know how much your house would cost and how it would look like, whether you have land or not.

Price closed

It allows transparency and confidence in the construction process, avoiding undesirable economic surprises. Thus, we can enjoy sustainable and comfortable homes, knowing that our budget is respected and valued.

BIM Management

Facilitates collaboration and optimization in the design, construction and maintenance of sustainable homes. This integrative approach boosts efficiency, reduces costs and contributes to a brighter and more hopeful ecological future.

Comfort and Balance

These homes provide cozy and functional spaces that promote physical and emotional well-being. In harmony with nature, we enjoy a full and sustainable life, building a promising and happy future.

Energy savings

By combining innovation and sustainability, we are able to reduce costs and improve quality of life. Our homes are transformed into ecological sanctuaries, respecting the environment and offering a brighter future.

– Frequently Asked Questions

It is normal to have some doubts, here are the answers we have given to other customers like you.

If you have any other questions or would like to begin the exciting journey of creating your own healthy home, feel free to contact us! We look forward to helping you build the home of your dreams.

Healthy housing is wonderful! These spaces are designed to improve your quality of life and well-being by incorporating natural elements, adequate ventilation, lighting and ecological materials. You will feel full of energy and joy in a home that takes care of you and the planet!

The cost of building a healthy home may vary (between 6-10% more than a traditional home), but we assure you that it is well worth the investment. In the long run, you will enjoy savings on your energy bills, reduced environmental impact and, most importantly, a healthier and happier life!

No, but we have our trusted builders.
Each project is different and requires a construction company profile appropriate to its characteristics.

We will be present during the construction phase to supervise that everything is built as planned in the project, so that the quality of the work is assured.

We are passionate about caring for the environment, which is why our healthy homes use renewable energies such as solar and wind power. This decreases your carbon footprint and allows you to enjoy a greener, more self-sufficient home. Imagine the satisfaction of generating your own clean energy!

Construction time can vary depending on the size and complexity of your healthy home, but generally takes between 6 and 12 months. Our team will work hard to make sure your home is ready as soon as possible, and we’ll keep you informed and excited every step of the way!

Of course it is! We will be happy to help you transform your current home into an oasis of health and wellness. We can evaluate your home and offer customized solutions to improve ventilation, lighting, use of renewable energy and more. Your home will become a haven full of life and joy!

Of course, we pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our healthy homes. We offer a warranty that covers any construction or material defect, so you can enjoy your home without worries. Your happiness and satisfaction are our priority!

WELL Certification is a prestigious global standard that evaluates and recognizes the design and construction of buildings and spaces focused on the health and well-being of the people who live in them. By choosing a WELL Certified project, you ensure that your home meets the highest standards of quality and comfort, and guarantees a space that enhances your daily life, providing you with a unique experience of happiness and harmony. Invest in your well-being and a sustainable future with a WELL certified home!

Absolutely! We understand the importance of visualizing your future home before it is built. Therefore, we will provide you with realistic and detailed 3D models of your healthy home, allowing you to experience an exciting preview of your dream home. Get ready to feel the excitement of seeing your home come to life before your eyes!

The process of building your healthy home consists of 4 exciting stages:

01. Economic study and design: At this stage, we will meet with you to understand your needs, desires and budget. Then, we’ll craft a custom design that reflects your lifestyle and dreams, while making sure it’s financially feasible!

02. Project: With the agreed design, our architects and experts in healthy construction will develop a detailed project, including plans, specifications and technical solutions. This project will be the foundation to bring your home to life!

03. Licensing: Once the project is completed, we will take care of obtaining all the necessary permits and licenses for the construction. We will make sure everything is in order so you can enjoy your home without legal worries.

04. Work: It’s time to build your dream home! Our team of professionals will work with passion and commitment in the construction of your healthy home, strictly following the project and the agreed deadlines. Soon you will be able to enjoy your oasis of well-being and happiness!

Every step of the way, we will be by your side to ensure that the process is smooth and exciting. Your dream home is just a few steps away!

Getting started is easy and exciting! Simply contact us and together we will begin the exciting process of designing and building your healthy home. We would love to meet you, listen to your needs and dreams, and share with you our experience and expertise in healthy architecture. We can’t wait to start this amazing adventure with you and help you create the home of your dreams!