"What is IEEV.CV? 8 things to keep in mind"


The building evaluation report (IEEV.CV) contains the following data of a building: its state of preservation, accessibility and energy efficiency conditionsThe report emphasizes the possible injuries and their causes so that the necessary maintenance actions can be taken.

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1- In which case is IEEV.CV necessary?

If you are the owner of a residential building, regardless of whether it is a single-family or multi-family building, you should make the report if either of these is your case:

1.- Your home is more than 50 years old (according to cadastre).

2.- You want to apply for a grant for the rehabilitation of your building, regardless of the age of the building.

2- Who has the obligation to do the IEEV.CV?

It is always the owners of the residential building who have the obligation to carry it out in addition to the cost. In the case of a multi-family building, the community will be responsible for this.

3- How much time do I have to make the Building Evaluation Report?

If your residential building is already 50 years old, you have the whole year until December 31 to complete the IEEV.CV, in case you miss the deadline you may receive a penalty of between 600€ and 6.000€.

4- For how long is the IEEV.CV valid?

It is valid for 10 years and before the end of this period a new IEEV.CV must be presented, in the case that it is not done within the term, it will receive an urbanistic sanction.

5-What are the steps to follow if I have a property and I have the obligation to make the Building Evaluation Report?

The first thing to do is to contact technical personnel (architect, quantity surveyor…) like us and from there the procedure will be as follows:

  • The technician will make an inspection visit to assess the building’s state of conservation, accessibility and energy efficiency. It will pay special attention to all possible injuries in the building and their symptoms.
  • The technician will write the Building Assessment Report.
  • You will receive the registration receipt and also the IEEV.CV report.

6-If I have carried out an integral reform, am I obliged to do the IEEV.CV?

Yes. What matters is what year the building was built and this information can be easily obtained from the Cadastre.

If at the time you made an integral or partial reform of the building it does not count, only the year of construction is modified in cadastre in case the works that you have made have the consideration of new work.

7-How much does the report cost?

You can access this web address and calculate it yourself:


But as a guideline, prices start at 760€ + VAT and depending on the different characteristics of your single-family house or multi-family building this price increases.

8- Is there any help to pay for the report?

Yes, there is a basic subsidy of 20% of the protected amount for all applications for buildings over 50 years old and that meet the requirements and documentation required.

Y An additional grant totaling up to €4,500 depending on the award criteria and budgetary provision.


The 2022 call has already ended, but don’t worry, you can apply for the 2023 call, all you need is to have the report done, submit the invoice and proof of payment by transfer.

At PAM-POL we can process this report…

All you have to do is contact us and we will be happy to inform you of what to do and what is the cost of your IEEV.CV.

We take care of the visual inspection, the report writing and the part that has to do with accessibility and energy efficiency. And when everything is ready, we will give you a receipt so you can rest assured!

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